Coral Necklace

The necklace has several strands of pink and salmon colored corals in olive shape. The rose gold closure is filled with grinded mammoth parts.

Pink Opal Necklace

The necklace made of onion-shaped pink opal elements can be worn in different lengths and can also be worn individually as a necklace or bracelet. The two rose gold clasps are decorated with rubies.

Paraiba Necklace

The necklace made of rock crystal is hand-knitted with a turquoise thread and can be knotted as desired and worn in different lengths. The finishes are in white gold and silver with navette-shaped Paraiba tourmaline cabochons and diamonds.

Sapphire Necklace

Multi ranked necklace made of grey-green sapphire. The closure in white gold is black rhodium-plated and decorated with blue sapphires.

Iolite Necklace

The necklace consists of several ranks of blue iolite and is held by hand engraved silver caps. The globe-shaped clasp is decorated with moonstones.

Coral Knit Necklace

The hand-knitted necklace made of Mediterranean coral beads can be knotted and worn in different lengths. The ends are formed by two coral drops with frames in rose gold and water buffalo horn.


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