Jade Beans Earrings

Handcrafted earclips, made of white gold and iron, with two carved jade beans and tiny tsavorites.

Flame Earrings

Rose gold clips set with ruby cabochons in the form of drops and surrounded by a ruby pavé. The yellow jade hangers are changeable and are fixed with a rose gold and ruby cap.

Tassel Earrings

In the rose gold clips, smoky quartz crystals are surrounded by purple sapphires. The connection to the hanger is formed by mobile mounted amethysts, which hold the tassel part,made of coral and water buffalo horn.

Flower Earrings

Clips with six different coloured zircones, set in rose gold and edged with mammoth shaped leaves. The flower is made of a massive piece of mammoth and can be exchanged.

Garnet Earring

Rose gold ear clips with two garnets. They are lined with moonstones that are framed in blackened silver. This pavé continues in the hanger and is finished by a Rubinkranz on both ends.

Rose Earring

The whitegold clips in Rosettenform are outlined with Brilliants and Pinksafphires.
Two Rubellitedrops are held freely with a “cap” of whitegold, likewise set with Brilliants and Pinksaphires.

Jade Earrings

The white gold clips are decorated with light blue sapphires and movable mounted, finely carved blue-white jade discs.


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