Interview with Brigitte

Once upon a time goldsmith Kaspar Rüegg used to be Arlette Kiefer's boss. 2004 they became a couple and today they celebrate their 10th anniversary of their jewelry boutique sueños in Zürich. The magazine Brigitte has made an interview and asked them some questions separately.


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Jade Beans Earrings

Handcrafted earclips, made of white gold and iron, with two carved jade beans and tiny tsavorites.

Pearl Ring

A white bouton-shaped South Sea pearl is surrounded by small brilliant set pyramids. The white gold ring is worked with flower motives in the art deco style.

Tassel Earrings

In the rose gold clips, smoky quartz crystals are surrounded by purple sapphires. The connection to the hanger is formed by mobile mounted amethysts, which hold the tassel part,made of coral and water buffalo horn.